We are the Preventative Health Company

Preventative health metrics that not only measure your current health, but also predict the future of your health.

Livit by Nightingale Health: Fast-forward to the future of your health

Livit opens a new view into the wellbeing of your heart, mind, immunity, and metabolism. Additionally, it provides a prediction of your Healthy Years, the estimated age you are expected to live to before falling ill from any of the top 10 diseases that significantly reduce the quality of life.

Livit is currently available for consumers in Finland, Sweden, Germany, and the UK.

The future of your health is in your hands.

1. Download app and order blood sampling kit

Download Livit by Nightingale Health app for free and order your first Livit Blood Collection Kit.

2. Take a blood sample and mail it for analysis

Take a finger-prick blood sample at home and mail it to us for analysis with our highly advanced blood analysis technology.

3. Explore health metrics and track progress

Gain unique insights into your health, including an estimate of your Healthy Years. Re-test later to track your progress.

The Preventative Health Revolution puts you in charge

In our vision, the next generation of healthcare is about preventative health – worldwide. Up to 80 % of diseases that decrease our Healthy Years could be prevented by simple actions in our daily lives. By improving our diet, exercise, sleep or stress levels with the right choices, we can add more Healthy Years to our lives and reduce the burden on the healthcare system.

Our technology looks forward, not backwards

Our in-house breakthrough health technology is available globally only from us. Currently popular well-being wearables or existing consumer blood tests might measure heart rate, sleep, body temperature, or vitamin D levels. But only our technology brings scientific connection to multiple health and disease outcomes and the ability to predict an individual’s future health. This is a revolution in preventative health.