Livit by Nightingale Health for employers

Livit is a next-generation well-being tool that motivates to make a positive change in health

When you want to improve the resilience of your organization, don’t lead tomorrow’s well-being with yesterday’s tools.

Livit by Nightingale Health is a novel well-being service with a basis in scientific research. It offers users an easy and encouraging way of improving their lifestyle and health. It also helps employers to develop well-being at work and to increase the efficiency of their operations.

Well-being in more depth – and beyond today

Livit is based on an easy-to-use mobile application and a simple at-home finger-prick blood test. The measuring method, based on Nightingale Health’s proprietary technology, provides more holistic information than smart rings and watches.

It combines blood analysis technology, real-life knowledge from global health data repositories containing hundreds of thousands of samples and medical research findings. Livit’s results are directly associated with future risks of disease. In addition to current health status, they tell you about future health.

The user gets an overview of their future health as well as information on the well-being of their body and mind, divided into four areas: heart, mind, immunity, and metabolism. The results encourage users to try new things, as the impact of improvements in, for example, sleeping habits, exercise or diet can be seen in a follow-up test.

Lead the well-being of your organization with data

As an employer customer, you get anonymous team and organizational level summaries of your employees’ results. You can take preventative measures in problem areas and map risks before they begin to show in operative costs.

At the same time, you get tools for monitoring the progress of work well-being projects and the big picture of well-being at work with a longer time span. Livit can also help with speeding up recovery and managing stress.

Each euro invested in well-being at work will come back to you many times over

The expenses of poor well-being at work are enormous. Sick leaves, early retirements and feeling unwell are often related to bad lifestyle choices: low amounts of exercise, poor nutritional habits, unhealthy sleep routines and poor recovery from physical or mental strain. Healthy employees enjoy their work and have better stamina.

Livit’s way of highlighting the impact of lifestyle changes produces visible benefits on the individual and the organizational level. When you give a gift that encourages your employees to take care of their own health, comparing the results and trying out new things together also help build team spirit. At the same time, you make your personnel more committed to work ability activities.

How it works


Leave your contact information, and we'll help you find a service package that adapts to the needs and schedules of your company.


We will organize an inspirational kick-off for your employees – including materials and instructions to be handed out to each employee.


The employees download the app and carry out the test at home. Test results are delivered into the Livit app on their own smart phones.


As the employer, you get clear team and organizational level summaries.


The impacts of changes on health and well-being at work are monitored with follow-up tests.

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More about Livit

Medically-backed information on the health and well-being of your personnel

More comprehensive information on the well-being of your personnel than smart devices and questionnaires can provide.

A view into current and future health

Livit shows you not only the big picture of the current state of the body and mind, but also a prediction of the future health of the employee.

A change that motivates everyone.

The impact of changes in sleep pattern, exercise or diet is made visible – and encourages employees to try out new things and find the lifestyles best suited for them.

Lifelong health for the entire organization.

Look at the big picture or focus on the details. With Livit, you can take corrective action exactly where it’s needed.

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