Nightingale Pro for Health Service Providers

With Nightingale Pro, you can expand your offering to healthy individuals, who are willing to invest in their personal wellbeing in the long term.

Nightingale Pro combines our technology with your brand

Nightingale Pro is a service that offers a comprehensive picture of individual health. It takes full advantage of Nightingale's advanced blood analysis technology and the next-generation health metrics, all under your company brand.

The advantages of the Nightingale Pro Model


New business opportunities and healthier lives for people

Building an offering for the healthy population can bring in new customers looking to prevent lifestyle diseases. Helping people to prevent diseases is also an ethical and sustainable approach since having fewer sick people helps build a healthier world.


Improved customer retention and lifelong health

An increasing number of individuals are committed to staying healthy throughout their lives. They are constantly looking for new ways to maintain and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Their needs create a basis for a lifelong, active relationship with your services which in turn leads to healthier lives for all.


Cross-selling of services and helping people access the right professionals at the right time

Preventive health allows you to offer a more comprehensive range of services on top of traditional medical doctor services – for example, nurses, nutritionists, and various digital offerings can holistically help people on their health journeys. This wider use of health professionals and digital solutions helps manage the time of medical doctors who are ofter under a heavy burden.

How the Pro works

1 / 3 Blood sample

In the Nightingale Pro service model, a venous blood sample is taken at a healthcare provider’s laboratory.

Samples can be sent to our laboratory using existing sample logistics. We can also set up a laboratory at the healthcare provider’s local premises.

2 / 3 Analysis technology

Our blood analysis technology requires one regular blood sample. The sample type is similar to those used for cholesterol or glucose testing.

Since only a very low amount of blood is necessary, a sample taken for other purposes can be split and part of it sent for our analysis.

Blood analysis results and the next-generation health metrics can be returned to healthcare service provider’s electronic health records (EHR) using international data transfer standards (such as HL7).

3 / 3 Results for end-user

The end-user receives the results using the healthcare provider’s mobile app. Nightingale’s result report is embedded inside the app under the healthcare provider’s own brand. Alternatively, the results can be delivered using the Nightingale mobile app – or even as a paper or pdf report. 

Based on the customer’s detected health metrics, the healthcare provider can recommend personalized health services and wellbeing interventions in digital or traditional channels to help the customers stay healthy.

The effectiveness of the actions can be measured and monitored with continuous follow-up blood tests.

Partnering with us is straightforward

Nightingale Pro takes advantage of existing workflows with blood samples. We use standardized collection and storage methods as well as tubes. This way, changes in procedures or additional investments in laboratory infrastructure are minimal.

Setting up data integration is easy via our user-friendly plug & play API.

Partner highlights

Nightingale Pro & Mitsui

A partnership that gives individuals an early warning of disease risks – and addresses the rising medical costs in Japan through preventative health.

In 2019, Nightingale Health announced a strategic partnership with Mitsui, a Japanese trading, finance, and services giant with a revenue of 122.3 billion USD (2022). The deal included Mitsui investing in Nightingale Health. In 2021, the companies announced a further agreement to sell health and wellness services on the Japanese market.

Nightingale Pro & Terveystalo

The Finnish health giant Terveystalo takes advantage of our advanced preventive health technology to rapidly expand to the growing market of healthy people.

In 2021, we signed a strategic partnership with Terveystalo, Finland’s largest private health service provider employing more than 13 000 professionals in 300 locations around the country.

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