Livit by Nightingale Health for wellness professionals

Livit is a completely new way of measuring health, looking beyond today

Livit by Nightingale Health helps deepen your customer relationship and take your training to the next level. It shows your customers in a concrete way how their current way of life affects their health. Livit is a credible tool that motivates to make a change. Become a partner and offer Livit to your customers for a special price.

Health technology that looks to the future

Livit by Nightingale Health is a next-generation well-being service that helps you assess your customer’s health status in more depth – and more accurately than body composition measurements and smart devices.

Livit is based on an easy-to-use mobile application and a simple at-home finger-prick blood test. It combines blood analysis technology, real-life knowledge from global health data repositories containing hundreds of thousands of samples and medical research findings. Livit’s results are directly associated with future risks of disease. In addition to current health status, they predict future health.

Results that highlight the effects of lifestyle choices

The user gets a prediction of their future health as well as information on the well-being of their body and mind, divided into 4 areas: heart, mind, immunity, and metabolism. The results encourage users to try new things, as the impact of improvements in, for example, sleeping habits, exercise or diet can be seen in a follow-up test.

With Livit, each of your customers can find the lifestyle best suited for them – and the motivation to stick with it.

For a wellness professional, Livit is a risk-free source of extra income with no hassle, long commitment, initial capital or inventory.

This is how a wellness professional uses Livit


Present Livit to your customer

Tell your customer what it's all about and suggest Livit as part of their training. We will provide you with ready-made, inspirational materials.


Give your customer your personal code

With the code you’ve provided, the customer orders the Livit at-home test. With the code, the customer gets a discount on the test. You get a commission for each Livit test bought with your code.


Monitor progress together

Your customer gets the results in the Livit app on their smart phone. Go through the necessary changes with your customer and monitor their progress together with them.

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