Healthy Years

The next-generation health metric for preventative health.

How many Healthy Years would you like to have?

Healthy Years is the estimated age you are likely to live to before getting a disease that significantly reduces your quality of life. Up to 80 % of the common chronic diseases that shorten your healthy life can be prevented by simple actions in your daily life. To make informed, sustainable choices that help you stay healthy longer, it's important to measure the state of your current health, and more importantly, find out your future trajectory.

Among the hundreds of thousands of people we’ve tested, the average female lives 78 healthy years and the average male 74. However, people with the unhealthiest lifestyle are expected to have up to 20 Healthy Years fewer than average – and people with the healthiest lifestyle up to 20 Healthy Years more than average. The difference can add up to 40 Healthy Years.

Whether you make changes to your diet, exercise, sleep, or stress levels, Healthy Years will work as your guide to your future health.

Your age and Healthy Years

In your 30s and earlier

The impact of choices you make may not show right away. But they set the foundation for your coming Healthy Years. Adopting healthy habits now makes taking care of your health easier in the future.

In your 40s

You may begin to feel the damage that some bad habits cause. You should view your routines critically and begin regular check-ups of your health. The risk for several lifestyle diseases begins to rise at around this age and can therefore impact the number of your Healthy Years.

In your 50s

You might notice that the early signs of problems that can limit your Healthy Years begin to appear. For some unlucky people, this can mark the end of their Healthy Years, but for most of us, it serves as a reminder that we can still change the trajectory.

In your 60s

Making a fundamental change is harder, but with concentrated effort, it is possible to continue living a healthy life. With good choices, even at this age, you can improve your chances to enjoy an active life in your old age.

In your 70s and later

If you have come this far and stayed healthy, your odds of living a long, healthy life are high. However, remember that it’s still important to take care of yourself as it also gives you more energy in your everyday life.

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