To lifelong health

Staying healthy is one of the top priorities in life. But it’s something that we easily forget when we don’t have to worry about it. That's until we get ill and reprioritize our life and put health first. Health is something that should always be with us, whether we are healthy or ill, it defines our journey through life in multiple ways.

Health is personal

We cannot control everything, but how we choose to live our lives has a significant impact on our health. Living healthy is not about changing our lifestyle into something that we hate, but rather making informed, sustainable choices that help us as individuals enjoy a healthy life longer.

It's not only personal

Life doesn’t happen in isolation. We are important to our close ones, and our close ones are important to us. Our health not only defines our personal journeys through life, but it also greatly impacts the journeys of others. Enjoying a long healthy life is great but sharing it with others is even better.

Eventually, health is about all of us

Seeking to live a healthy life contributes to building a better world. When we are healthy, we can do the things we love better. And when we do the things we love, we tend to inspire people around us. By encouraging each other, we can move the world forward towards a direction where everyone can have lifelong health.

The building blocks of preventative health

We often focus on the current state of our health, but staying healthy tomorrow defines our healthy years. This is why staying healthy requires us to predict the future. Lifelong health requires knowing where we are going before getting there.

Bringing a data revolution

It starts with better data. Nightingale Health's proprietary in-house developed blood test analyses a wide variety of molecular data from a single blood sample. With more data, we can better capture the underlying biology of common lifestyle diseases. However, the molecular data alone is not enough. Our access to world-leading health data repositories has allowed us to connect the data we measure from blood samples with real-life health and disease outcomes. With this combination, we can reveal the disease risk development in its early stages and help people take preventive actions on time.

Empowering people

We need to build advanced health tools for people. Traditional biomarkers are designed to be tools for medical professionals. For the rest of us, the end goal of health tools is to gain more healthy years. Therefore, Nightingale Health's health metrics bring understanding about our healthy years and future disease risks instead of being disconnected health parameters. Taking action and following progress with understandable real-life health metrics empowers everyone to take more control of their health. This is the beginning of a global preventative health system, and everyone is invited to join.

Democratizing health

A preventative health system where everyone can have more control of their health only works when we remove access limitations. We do this by enabling blood sample collection at home since that's where our life, and lifestyle choices, happen. But it's not only that. Our technology also brings a low price point enabling annual check-ups and continuous follow-ups of personal health. These capabilities will democratize health and create foundations for more equal health opportunities.

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